Thursday 12 March 2015

A Thursday Special!

JC, Tony, Peter, Paul (Mary was away!) carried on with the Signal Box roof. Here is John's report:-

Hi Bill,
Today we had four of us working on the SB roof, Tony, Paul ,Peter and myself.
I am pleased to report that all the roof rafters  and hip rafters are now fitted and complete and all that now remains to be done is fitting and trimming the noggins  which will support the fascia board and the soffit.
Needless to say the roof really does look good.

Paul sent me these pictures and I believe a few more are on their way.

And as if by magic Tony sent me through 3 photos:-

Hi Bill
I understand JC will be sending a report of today's action, if he has any energy left it was a long hard day.
Attached are photos of the Box and the end of the day.



Cheers Tony- What a great day's work - hats off to all of you!


Jim B in Tennessee said...

Now I see that the "noggins" have been squared off. The "reverse" angles visible in the 4th photo yesterday (with Peter Q) had me puzzled. Now I realize the angled ends were probably because they were the pieces left over after sawing the rafters to length. The box is looking fabulous! Cheers,

Anonymous said...

How could anybody not be I impressed by this. Your bi-weekly updates are a real treat. I'm looking forward to standing on the platform one day as a train rolls in and saying "I've read every step of the making of this".

Keep up the excellent work