Sunday, 21 December 2014

Saturday 20th December 2014 and Our Last Working Day before Christmas!

Last minute Christmas shopping was obviously on people's agenda today, but we still had 10 volunteers beavering away.

The finished stage of the brickwork in the background
- 10 more to go when the scaffolding has been raised.
JC and Tony continued to work in the crow's nest on the Signal Box - the wind was bracing up there! Nevertheless they finished the last course of bricks before the 3rd lift of the scaffolding is required. JC has also invested in some thermals, which shows winter is upon us - a lesson for us all!

Back on platform 1C,  Roger J and Dave H set to at shifting and levelling the remaining scalpings delivered by Fairview last Wednesday. There were about 3 tonnes, so not a bad effort by hand!

We have been having some logistics problems in retrieving the footbridge stairs from Wishaw. Nevertheless we will overcome these in the new year and one of the possible interim locations for the  stairs is over in the  car park area; the area that George Law have recently vacated. Here Jim, Roger J and John B carry out some clearance of the embankment area.

A cheque  is presented by Chairman Paul Dunster
We had a  welcome visit from The Arden MG Club, who had previously contacted us with a view to making a donation to the Broadway  Station rebuild. A contingent from the Club duly turned up at 11.00 and I was pleased to receive  a cheque  for £200. Our local funds are always low at this time of the year and this donation was most welcome! The Club have visited the GWR before and are hoping to focus their 25 Anniversary event at GWSR.

Our thanks go to Roger Jackson, Arden MG Club Treasurer, for making the arrangements.

A slight disappointment for me was that there were no TC's, TD's or TF's in the vehicle contingent - some talk of it being too cold!. I have such fond memories of driving my first car, an MG TD Mk II which gave me five years of wonderful  "British" motoring.

A surprise visitor today was Terry Andrews and his wife Libby. Terry is an active member of the Wednesday gang and I guess he just couldn't keep away!
Caught on Camera!

This is the last Post before Christmas - Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all the Blog Followers - keep up your support - we cant do it without  you! 

Most importantly of all, thank you to the  BAG Team of Volunteers who have worked so tirelessly this year - what a  great team you are!

PS Jo was away this weekend but will be back in the New Year


Colin said...

Thank you all of your hard work this year and keeping us up to speed on your progress at Broadway, wishing you all a happy Christmas.

Rod said...

From Rod,

Bill, Wonderful year. Happy Christmas to all your team. Have a good one ready to gird up the wotsits for 2015.

Anonymous said...

Here's to 2015 have a good rest!

Charles said...

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New year to you all.

John Dyer said...

2014 has been the turning point I would think, Brodway now looks like a station - a modern operator would just place a pre-fab shelter on each platform and call it job done. Thank goodness there are more ambitious plans afoot. 2015 will help to put the icing on the cake.

Have a great Christmas everyone!

Charles said...

And...Three tons? That's awesome!! Love the understatement.