Wednesday 29 October 2014

Wednesday 29th October 2014

Well that's our last working day in October - how time flies when your enjoying yourself!
There were 20 of us on site today - the weather was not all that kind, but most of the volunteers pressed on regardless.

Brick laying continue on Platform 2C. Roger B sent me the following report:-

Roger Mike and Peter (out of shot)...
Hi Bill

Progress today was good despite the changeable weather.
Platform 2c Bricklaying, thanks to the availability of the Bricklaying Shelter Mike, Peter H and I
managed to lay 100 Blues (3 Courses) on a third of the 30 meter platform backed up by 250 Reds.

Terry and Rod......

While Terry and Rod spent time fixing the number 2 mixer, and laid 5 vertical slabs on platform 1c before
rain stopped work.
All in all given the weather, another good and productive team effort from the lads.


Dave and Steve.....

Work has started on refurbishing the centre span of the footbridge. It  was pleasing to see this work started - its no longer the HIA footbridge, but the Broadway Footbridge!

The first job was to remove the remaining wood on the roof out riggers and then to remove the hoops themselves. The latter was not so easy, with the old original rivets proving very tricky to get out. If anyone has a magnetic drill they can lend us for a week we would be most grateful!

One hoop was removed - the rest left for another day.

Peter, John and Tony (hiding below)....

Work restarted in earnest on the Signal Box today. A long debate about the height, location and size of joists over recent weeks was resolved and the merry sound of nails being hammered in resounded for most of the morning.

Way up north the boundary fence was being installed. For those worried that this is the end of the line? Well it is for the moment. The fence marks the end of GWSR ownership.

As ever, its difficult to credit everyone's hard work today. The comms installation in the phone box move nearer completion, thanks to Jim, Peter and Mike.  Chris Helm was advised by Broadway Station Support, Peter Long on the best way to document the the mains electricity distribution on site.
Julie and Will.....

Finally we had the opportunity to thank Will from Acorn Creative Signs who provided an information sign for our Bric a Brac Stall. This was  a generous free of charge contribution and they have  made a great job of the sign. Thank You!


Anonymous said...

Will that fence continue up the bank? Otherwise they will just go round it. Aaron

Jo said...

One bit at a time, that was quite hard work ! Then the heavy rain came...
We will go right up the bank, take us a couple more days.

mack said...

Hi guys just wanted to say the joisting out on the signal box looks great. Level and right spaced, coach bolted with joist hangers, everything!... If you put some bridging noggings in it too it will be incredibly firm.. It's such a good build well done

Buccaneer said...

Echo Mack's comments.
Why was the entry door frame removed? In the way?
Great work all round.

Noel said...

So I seem to recall being told some months ago, in response to a question here (I'm too lazy to go find it in the archives :-) that the ends of the short joists were going to rest on the lever frame? I guess plans changed?


Jo said...

Possibly a misunderstanding on my part (I'm also too lazy to go and look)
In fact, the shorter joists rest on a 'trimmer', a long joist which runs in front of the frame. There wasn't a change of plan, it just took us a while to work out a really robust way of connecting the trimmer with the last long joist. The joist hangers we found in the trade were all too flimsy, so we made our own, 'bombproof' ones. This held the job up for a good couple of weeks.

Martin Creese said...

Noticing removal of the roof hoops from HIA footbridge is this for refurbishment and replacement so you have a covered footbridge ?

Bill said...

Hi Martin,
The hoops are being removed for ease of refurbishment. It will be a covered footbridge - you won't be able to distinguish it from the original.