Sunday 26 October 2014


I received the following from Rod Liddiard,  a great Broadway Supporter.

The subject title says it all

Subject: Once in a lifetime
Wonderful footage provided by Flt Lt Tim Dunlop of the BBMF (Lancaster Captain), from last Thursday when the 2 Lancasters formated for the first (and probably the last) time with Vulcan XH588 over Lincoln enroute to RAF Marham. There were reports of up to 4 miles of standing traffic on the A15.

(The 3 shadows on the ground are amazing and the noise is wonderful)

 My  personal favourite ever airshow memory was, of all places, at Staverton (Gloucester.Cheltenham Airport). The last airshow there in the 70's featured a Vulcan that did a series of near vertical climbs with the afterburners on, and then cut them, drifted back down and repeated the exercise. What a sight , what a sound.... Bill


Anonymous said...

Bill...The Vulcans make a unique sound known as the "howl" but they don't have 'afterburners'.
Awesome aircraft tho !!

Bill said...

Quite right it was a later derivative of the engine with an after burner that was developed for Concorde I think. Just keeping you on your toes!

Anonymous said...

Olympus engines. No afterburners (reheat)on the Vulcan.

Anonymous said...

Shadows on the ground? surely you mean 'aluminium overcast'!!

mack said...

I'm surprised it stayed in the air, the propellers weren't turning at all hardly....

Rod Wells said...

Everybody is right.

There were 2 differnt Vulcans flying test beds with a a fith engine under the bomb bay.

The first was the Olympus 320 variant for the TSR2 and the second the Olympus 593 for Concorde both test engines had reheat