Saturday 6 September 2014

Saturday 6th September 2014

Congratulations to George Law  Ltd who today began the final clearance work on the Evesham Road Bridge. It looks a treat! John Baldestone who is managing the implementation of the  Bridges to Broadway Project,  was there first thing  this morning to watch bridge No 1 of the five under repair, emerge from its wraps and have much of the scaffolding removed. John can feel well pleased with the result.

Up on site  8 volunteers were doing there bit to add to the smart appearance of bridge, when viewed from the west, by clearing the embankment by the bridge. This will give a clear view up to the Bracket  Signal. It will really begin to look like a GWR  Railway! Thanks to all who stuck at this job all day - working on the embankment all day hits your knee joints - respect goes to the line side clearance team!

Here the view from the  Signal Box Scaffolding. Squint and it looks like a loco on the horizon - regrettably just the compulsory bonfire!

Talking of the Signal Box work was progressing nicely on the brickwork and the floor joists. Bob W, Tony and John S were steadily moving things forward.
Tony here producing some half bricks for the doorway - not the easiest of tasks!

I had to leave early today so I didn't get a chance to thank the BAG Volunteers  - there were 16 in total. A full set of pictures on the bridge on Wednesday!

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Richard said...

The bridge is looking superb. Aside from the obvious warnings on its sides, will you take measures to monitor it to prevent strikes or, should one occur, identify perpetrators, like installing a webcam at height on the bracket signal? Your station rebuild updates are always a pleasure and eagerly anticipated. Thank you and well done all.