Friday 27 June 2014

And For Good Measure - A Friday Special!

The determined efforts to get the Signal Box up to  first floor joist level and ready for the next scaffold lift continues.

Here is Jo's report and pictures from another productive day.

Hi Bill,

After dodging two heavy showers, a little gang of 3 did quite well on the box today. JC laid 4 courses on the back, in this way bringing the back to the same height as the front. As I left ( to inspect a report of a blue brick opportunity nearby) John was constructing a tower on one corner, ready for tomorrow.

John S was also there, supporting John C with backing up from inside. I did the mixes and ferried bricks into stacks, ready for laying.

We received the visit of a member from the Philipines, who was kind enough to make a donation. Our treasurer, laying bricks, quickly put that in a safe place ! Much appreciated, and thank you sir !

We also had the visit of Andy P and Alasdair, this time with their S&T hats on. The box found favour, luckily.

See you tomorrow,
Best regards,


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