Friday 27 June 2014

A Thursday Special on the Signal Box

JC, Paul , Tony and Jo (as cameraman)  pushed on with the bricklaying on the Signal Box today.
Here is JC's report, and a few photos from Jo cataloguing some of the precision work required to craft a window arch.

Hi Bill,
Just to report that we laid 3 courses of Brickwork to the rear elevation including the second row of blues over the arch’s and all the fiddly cutting of the red bricks over the top of the arches.
If the weather holds we should get the last 3 courses up to the same level as the front and then we will add the corners up another 5 courses to get us up to next scaffold level.  We have also set out the start of the first Floor Joists out on the South Front corner.



Anonymous said...

Truly a work of sculptural art to be enjoyed by generations to come - when no doubt the ability to cut and form a brick arch will have been forgotten - sadly.

Geoff said...

That last photo is fantastic! Lovely piece of work.

I see the bridge shot blasters were arriving this morning.

Dave said...

Fantastic work. It does make you winder though how our forebears managed without anglegrinders.What did they use?

Dave said...

wonder - guess they didn't use spell checkers either!

jnc said...

I echo the comment that this is fabulous work, and hopefully a striking legacy for a long time to come. (And I hope the concern that the knowledge of how to do this will go away does not come true; although of the future, nobody can say...)


Anonymous said...

To answer your question;
Probably used a bolster and lump hammer for the man cut and finished by rubbing i.e. rub two bricks together with water to wear down to required size. JC will probably be able to elucidate.
Peter T.

Anonymous said...

My spell check didn't work!
.....hammer for the main cut....