Wednesday 28 May 2014

Wednesday 28th May 2014

Its not often that poor weather curtails the Wednesday Gang's (14 today) efforts, but the rain got progressively heavier as the day went on and by early afternoon we drew stumps.

It was not the weather for laying bricks and therefore the main work carried out was to continued the back filling of Platform 2B. This was made more onerous because a wheel bearing has gone (literally!) on our trusty dumper, and so the rubble had to be barrowed in.

In conjunction with the infilling, the ducts for the lampposts electrics and the main electric duct had to be  bedded in also. Here JC is juggling with the pipes to ensure that they will neatly come up in the electrical cabinet (awaiting installation on the left).

Here Rod and Terry concrete in a lamppost socket at the end of 2B.

In other areas brave efforts were being made to sort the bricks whilst trying to ignore the rain! Under these circumstances everyone finds a reason for a  "rest" in the brick cleaning shelter. Here Mike(right) is repairing the  rip cord on the strimmer whilst receiving good advice from the others.

Further to the south JC and Steve B were loading the Signal Box with bricks for subsequent brick laying. The inside scaffolding has been erected and the bricks placed thereon.

The main scaffolding is to be erected tomorrow, so watch this space!

Finally we  had an interesting and enjoyable visit from the Pway Gang. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the proposed route of the running line south of the Evesham Road Bridge. The problem perceived and to be assessed is the close proximity of the natural running line to the Caravan Club Site boundary. It's too early to say whether a problem exists but some more work is definitely required. I can't miss the opportunity to say that Jim Graham was among the Pway team - he was our guide and mentor in the early days - I'm determined to get him to lay a course of bricks  or two on the Station. He knows why and I know why....

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