Saturday 31 May 2014

Saturday 31st May 2014

I'm away this weekend, but Jo has kindly sent me a report and some pics which I will load shortly!

Hi Bill,

18 people were on site today, with dry weather encouraging a large number for a Saturday.

Activities covered were:

Gardening outside the station – Vic has now run out of Cotswold stone, if only the dumper were in operation again
Measuring the site for the footbridge
Finishing off the ducting on 2b
Brick cleaning
Brick sorting
Making a bonfire
Cleaning up a GWR lamp post ready for painting (Ex Littleton & Badsey)
Five courses of reds and blues were put on  the first 10m section of 1C
Resupplying the signal box with new bricks, ready for the next several days
Putting two six course corners on the front of the signal box, and connecting them with two rows of reds at the front.

JC will be back on Sunday, as well as Monday, so we should see some great progress here. The front windows are almost ready to go in.

Must rush,
Best regards,

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