Saturday 3 May 2014

Saturday 3 May 2014 - A Bright Sunny Day!

It was a particularly pleasant day today, with 17 regular volunteers, a guest volunteer from Holland and everyone enjoying the first sunny day we have had for some time.

The main task of the day was to continue block laying on platform 1C. There were 40 odd blocks to be laid and with Clive and Peter swinging them into place, the job was completed by lunchtime. Bill V is in the background sorting the Avonmouth bricks.

In parallel with this, concrete was being poured into the voids. There were 2 cement mixers on the go - one for mortar and one for concrete. Here Peter K steers the next load into position and Jim H acts as the long stop if it goes too far!

Tilley kept everyone amused  with her determination to hang on to a ground peg all  day. By the middle of the afternoon, energy and ballast ran out, so there remains more to be done next week.

At the other end of the site Bob White was laying 5 courses of bricks on the north side wall of the signal box. He and I are chatting about the timing of getting the scaffolding erected - just a few weeks away!

Back by the 1C wall Robin continued with brick cleaning, ably assisted by Jo's friend from Holland  Remmo Statius Muller. Remmo has been with us before and had worked with Jo for 35 years on the SN Railway in Holland. Remmo is a charming chap, stayed with us all day and went away tired but happy with some goodies from Marguerite.

Remmo chatting to Roger

Other activities of the day included Phil and Keith brick mining in the Mythe bricks and John B trying to fight back the rapidly growing weeds!

In the distance Roger B and I discuss what bricks we are going
to use where?!?

Doesn't 1C look impressive in the background - I can't believe  how quickly this has come along.

Ian Crowder came along with camera in hand to see how we're doing - we always have an  exchange of Great Western facts - thoroughly enjoyable.


Unknown said...

Hello Bill,

Great progress made as usual, it will be great when the station is complete and a credit to all of you.

Are there any plans for an open day this year and can you advise when the signal will installed.

Anonymous said...

Good work as usual.

Is this a potential threat if they extend the route from Honeybourne?