Sunday 4 May 2014

Broadway Area Group Open Evening - 23rd May 2014

The Broadway Area Group is having its annual Open Evening  at 6:30 on 23rd May 2014. You would all be most welcome to come and see progress and have a chat about our future plans.


Anonymous said...

What has happened to the bracket signal? Did the donated £2000 cover the construction of the base. If so , what are the details of the base.

Anna said...

Reading the latest S & T blog may partly answer this question

Bill said...

Inquiry above - As already reported elsewhere the foundations for the bracket post are finished. The cost was slightly more than that amount raised, but the BAG were very happy to make up the difference.

The plan is to get the base plate welded to the post in time for it to be erected before the 23/5.

I have been cautious in publicising this in case there is any last minute hitch to the schedule.

Colin Boyles said...

Many thanks for the updates,really look forward to reading them every week.
One small thing, are there any drawings of the station layout available to relate the weekly reports to the actual layout, such as platform numbers.
Colin Boyles

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the interest. If you go to near the bottom of this first page on the blog, and click the button "Older Posts" on the right hand side, this takes you to a series of previous posts.

There is a post made by Bill dated 28th April 2014, which has a plan of the site and shows how the sections of platforms are numbered, etc. I hope this helps,