Sunday 11 May 2014

Saturday 10th May 2014

There were 15 Volunteers on Site today and we were expecting a soaking from the showers forecast. However the rain saved itself until lunchtime and didn't hinder any of the jobs.

Hugh, Pugh, Barney Magrew.........
The job that took 3 people all day was putting an additional wooden layer on the roof of the new cabin - this in turn would allow a new rubber membrane to be glued to it. Peter Q, Roger J, and Jim H slogged at it all day in order to stop the timber getting a soaking. By 1700 hrs it was "job done".

Up on Platform 1C a crew were getting sufficient bricks gauged up and stacked along the length - blues at the front, reds at the back. Clive then had a quick tussle with the petrol mixer (fuel filter adrift in the tank) and started to lay a course of blues. Another milestone achieved on the  Platform 1c project plan!

Here Clive looks pleased at the end of the day - only another 8000 bricks to go!

Down on the Signal Box, JC and Steve Bucknall were making steady progress laying another course and a half on the rear wall.

Here is a nice photo showing the detailing on the rear chimney breast.

Down on the driveway Dave B was clearing and staking out the eastern boundary line, which we are about to re-fence,

Finally a picture of the cleared car park area viewed over the top of the bracket signal base, which a blog follower was asking about last week.

As ever, it was day of hard work from all the volunteers today. Thank you.


Perry said...

Reference bricks in stacks, the term is "loading out" according to my bricklayer son. He is full of admiration for the dedication shown & wishes he could help, but his days are spent in long hours earning a crust.

All the best.

Dave said...

Great progress. For excellent before and after pictures of Broadway station there is an excellent page on the disused station website,

well worth a look.

Anonymous said...

I believe almost all of those pictures are on the Broadway Station website.