Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wednesday 30th April 2014 and Maybe a Record Broken?

A good turnout today and pretty much wall to wall sunshine! The BAG Team's efforts were split between Broadway and Wishaw, the latter being footbridge reclamation work.

Keith, Terry, Clive, Steve and Peter working the line
Of the 16 volunteers at Broadway,  5 were working on laying the blocks on platform 1C and what a job they made of it. 116 blocks were laid and I'm pretty sure that's  a record!

A vital bit of kit - the laser level!

The team finished the second course of blocks and were well on the way to completing the third when I left. I'm sure someone will tell me how many were left (40 - Thanks Peter H)

A great job and another record broken I think!

Down on the Signal Box, Bob, Tony and Paul were making serious inroads into laying the first  and second course of reds along the rear wall. As you can see there is  always great camaraderie and good humour among the volunteers - just what the doctor ordered!

We had a delivery of sand today followed by 2 hours of Avonmouth brick shifting (easier to type than say....) Thanks to Dave and Terry for keeping this particular show on the road.

Peter T finished off the platform 2 temporary steps and very fine they look..

The team got their second dose of a health and safety briefing from Chris Helm. It was made that bit more palatable basking in the sunshine!

Finally one of our regular brick cleaners, David  works relentlessly on the Mythe, and now Avonmouth  treasure.

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