Tuesday 29 April 2014

Another Valiant Effort today!

Ron Dobson is a long serving member of the Broadway Area Group and I look upon him as one of our elder statesman! He  has some very interesting stories to tell and I am going to persuade him to do a Volunteers Story for the blog.

Today he and  colleague,  Bob Jones from the BAG, arranged with some chums, to go brick scavenging at  a planned steam depot at Stratford-on-Avon.

Here is Ron's introduction to the day's task, followed by his report from today:-

Bill, I mentioned to you some little while ago about some  reclaimed bricks which are available to us from the site of a once intended steam depot at Stratford-on-Avon for the Tyseley operation. The site is owned by Tyseley but currently is under tight control by a contractor who are installing a new footbridge with lifts at the town station. Therefore access is severely restricted. However, by arrangement, I visited the site on Wednesday to see some stacks of bricks which may be of use. They are an assortment of blues, reds and blue shaped with a 45degree slope both at the side and end. In total there could be 2000 or more. There are many more scattered about the site.

Hi Bill,
The weather was kind to a small group of Broadway Station enthusiasts, including BAG volunteer stalwarts Bob Jones and Ron Dobson. An under estimated number of bricks were tackled and bagged up totalling over 2000. 16 bags were filled containing Blues and Reds in equal proportions.
A further 2000 Blues and 1000 Blue Cants remain to be collected. All bags available were used.
Regards, Ron

This was another remarkable achievement - thank you so much for your efforts.

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Magnificent work!!