Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thursday 13th March 2014 - Platform 1C and Digging for Gold....

Today was the first day of digging the trench for the footings of platform 1C - the absolute finish of Platform 1. We new it was going to be a delicate job, pulling out the old side drains without creating a chasm to be filled, but inevitably it was going to have a high price tag in terms of the volume of concrete required.

Breaking the concrete mass of the old side drain
with pecker before removal

The pecker was used to break the old concrete drain bed up before removal. If you try and take it out with brute force you can end up with trench much wider than you want.
Graham Morrison checks the depth of the trench -
he needed a ladder to get into it!
The spoil was taken down to the planned car park area by the Childswickham Road. We use 2  x 5 tonne dumpers because of the distance involved.
The Dumpers pass - just!
By 14:00 hours the trench was completed and the concrete depth gauges put in place, and at last the sun shone!
How much concrete will it take? I'll let you know tomorrow
when I'm sitting down....

Steve, Adam and Jo then set about removing all of the large lumps of concrete spoil stored on the track bed from a previous trench (2B).

Jo in reverse....
It was a highly satisfactory day, although no gold was forthcoming to pay for the concrete!  There will be the completion of the post tomorrow.  Thanks to volunteer Ian Hutty who came along to be banksman in the car park.

A Jo Ro Video:-

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