Thursday 13 March 2014

12th March 2014 - and Back at Broadway.....

Roger B let me have the following report on activities back on site at Broadway.

Hi Bill,
There were 10 people on-site today.

JC & Bob W worked all day on the Signal Box and added another course of Blues.

There were 2 Brick Cleaners beavering away.
Clive spent the day on extending the ramp on 1a.

The remainder of the team, Peter H, Steve, Gord, Tony B, & I moved 5 Dumper loads of Drainage blocks South, some 100 plus blocks. before Richards arrival. I estimate that this is half of the blocks required for 1C.
It would be useful if we could move the remainder of the blocks South in the next 2 weeks prior to the commencement of block laying.
On the platform 2 slab laying front we laid 15 slabs today which was a great team effort.
To date we have laid 29 slabs and I estimate there are 12 slabs left to lay.

Given good weather & Richards availability next Wednesday we will complete platform 2 slab laying.

So that was Wednesday - as I say a great effort on everyone's part - now for Thursday and Friday!

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