Saturday, 15 February 2014

Saturday 15th February 2014

There were 10 volunteers on site today and after a few initial squalls the weather was dry but windy. Nevertheless we were grateful for that and work started on a big push to gather up all of the available  stray bricks on site for the big push, in a week or two, to complete platform 1C.

Here Dave B skims a couple of courses off the old signal box footing adjacent to Evesham Road Bridge. Aided and abetted by Jo they ended up with a very useful  dumper load of red bricks.


Back at the northern end of the site three volunteers were on brick cleaning duty. Here Robin has pessimistically geared himself up for  for wet weather! After the recent weeks deluge, who can blame him!

Clive was something of a lost soul today, unable to do any  brick laying. However he tidied up the covers from 2B and here it is, waiting for the coping slabs to be placed next Wednesday.

The magnificent window frame - now off site for safe keeping

The treat of the day was inspecting Peter K superb Signal box locking room window which he fabricated himself. It was such a fine job - thanks Peter (and Tilley, who no doubt supervised).

The shock of the day was that we lost one of the old Corsican pines to last night's gales. We are currently assessing the damaged caused, and once that is complete I will post some photos. If we have any more gales like last night, I'm afraid this won't be the last tree casualty.


Anonymous said...

Despite the excellent recent restoration to GWR condition of Leamington Spa station, Network Rail or Chiltern seem to be ripping out a load of GWR spear fencing along Old Warwick Road.... something to salvage for Broadway perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Apparently the vandalism at Leamington is being perpetrated by Warwickshire County Council and something called the "Environment and Economy Directorate" to prevent people having to wall 50 yards to the entrance by bulldozing the original fencing in the middle.

Bill said...

Sounds as though we might be too late!

Anonymous said...

If you look at the condition of the railings you will see why they are being replaced. also they are not commiting vandalisim as Steelway are fabricating new fencing in keeping with the listed building rules we have.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a word to Chiltern/Network Rail may be worth a try guys.
so far a ten foot section where the new access ramp is going has been removed but put in storage.

When i drove past earlier there has only been that small section removed for the ramp so far.

Dont think much will happen until the new fencing has been fabricated.