Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Wednesday Gang 2nd October 2013

It was a remarkably warm sunny day today - the Broadway micro climate again! Nine volunteers were on site with a variety of jobs in hand.

Peter H, Rod, Terry and Peter Q
The toughest task was setting out and concreting in the rear vertical slabs on Platform 2. These were mainly 3x2's and man handling them into the correct position is back breaking work!

 Nevertheless by the end of the day 18 slabs had been laid,  which must be close to a record.

Peter T

On other fronts the cleaning and  painting of the posts continue. This both gives a real, authentic look to our platform assets and protects them from the ravages of the weather which will no doubt hit us sometime!

Mike and Jim
David and Chris Helm were back on brick cleaning duty - It doesn't seem quite right when they're not around. Vic was out on the driveway cutting back the summer (several summers!) growth on the shrubs opposite Marguerite's Shed.

Talking of the Shed, it is now open on a Wednesday, ably run by Julie, who will be pleased to take your money for the great variety of stock therein!

It has been a bit of a fragmented week this week, what with the press share event. Back to normal next week I hope!


Anonymous said...


A bit disappointed about the publicity you received from the press. I was expecting more, not least from our railway press. In the latest edition of RM is a 6 page lead article on the GCR's Bridge over the Midland Main Line plus an appeal leaflet. It wasn't until I got to page 45 where I found the full page advert by the GWSR for your Share Appeal and then on page 64 (Steam & Heritage Track Record) did I find any reference to the share issue launch. Somehow I felt very underwhelmed as to the coverage you got to such an important project. Perhaps the press in general view your appeal with scepiticism or perhaps I am being a bit unfair. They probably don't understand how much hard work you lads & lasses are putting into the redevelopment work at Broadway with the financial impact it will have on the local economy when trains finally arrive there.

Eric Oberlander said...

Hi, why don't you split/saw the 3x2s into 3x1s, which would halve their weight, and make them go twice as far? A 1ft deep haunching on a strip found would be pretty stable.

Eric from Faraway

Dave Danger back from Zim said...

Were the telly people invited to the share launch ? And did any turn up ?

Ken said...

Hi, why don't you split/saw the 3x2s into 3x1s, which would halve their weight, and make them go twice as far?

A 1ft deep haunching on a strip found would be pretty stable.

I can see the logic in that suggestion. However, the soil in the Vale of Evesham is a heavy clay which readily moves according to the moisture conditions.

I really hadn't appreciated the problems with 'clay soil' until I moved into the area.

For the cost of the slabs, many of which [I think] are re-claimed, it is probably far better to 'do it once' and forget.

mack said...

Hi, great progress. Does anyone know why your colour scheme for the stations is all the same except for winchcome, and also, is there any pway work going on at the moment to get to at least the first bridge with a sound track ?

Anonymous said...

Winchcome station building is actually the old monmouth troy building, it was disasembled then reconstructed at winchcombe. As to track laying, I have no idea, have a look on their flicker page, if there is not a link on this blog, there is on the carraige and wagon blog which there is a link to at the top

Toddington Ted said...

Ah! Colour schemes, always a cause for discussion! As far as I know, all the GWSR stations are painted in authentic colour schemes. Cheltenham Race Course in GWR light and dark stone, Broadway the same (looking at the lamp posts and running in board anyway) Toddington also GWR period light and dark stone and Winchcombe in BR 1950s choc & cream. Gotherington is also in the BR (W) choc& cream. Winchcombe Stn was originally painted in a rather handsome Midland Railway type maroon and cream livery but has since been repainted. My source for info is a railway modelling site so it may not be totally accurate.

Dave Danger said...

To answer Mack there's no track extension work planned that I know of. At the moment we're concentrating on maintenance of the running line - currently re-sleepering work in Greet cutting - and planning ahead for the winter shutdown work.