Sunday, 15 September 2013

Saturday 14th September 2013

One of those rare Saturdays off on some pleasant family duties. Nevertheless, the show must go on as they say and Jim Hitchen kindly sent through the following report on the Broadway activities:-

The weather in Broadway started off dull and damp, became more so and by 10:00 hrs was heavy enough to drive us indoors for a brew up.  However some 40 minutes later and fuelled with large pieces of ginger and rhubarb cake supplied by Steve's wife Lin we ventured forth and from then on it was all go.

Eleven volunteers and two dogs were on site during the day.  Tony and Roger concentrated on laying blocks and laid 74 before failing 10 short of completing the run when the supply of blocks ran out.

Steve drove the dumper and made 7 trips with recovered bricks from the car park to the brick cleaning area.  He also managed 2 trips with infill material for going behind platform 2.
 Assistance in loading was forthcoming from Peter and Vic.  All the bricks put aside for cleaning so far have now been moved.  Platform 2 is ready for ballasting when a digger can be made available.

Brick cleaning continued in the capable hands of Robin, Keith,Andrew, Peter and Vic.

John Crawford checked the signal box setting out details and pegged out both the final position and levels for the base.

Despite the wet weather Jim H managed to get one coat of bitumastic paint on the 3 new running in board posts.  This was achieved in the cosy surroundings of the new Broadway Paintshop!!

Late on Steve and Jim H went into drain clearing mode near the Evesham Road bridge.  Whilst a significant quantity of material was removed from the catch pit it was decided to postpone operations until wellington boots and waterproof leggings were available.

Finally as we were enjoying the usual lunchtime banter we were made aware that Malcolm Temple and Ian Crowder were on site at the Evesham Road bridge.  John Crawford scuttled off to escort them whilst on site.  It appears they were checking out the site for the share launch at the end of the month.  JC ended up briefing them on site developments and the party ended up by the brick cleaning area. 

The annual Horticultural was taking place in the Village and we we have always  had presence there to keep the visitors up to speed with what is going on on the GWSR and Broadway Station in particular. John Blofield and  Jim Boyles were on Gezebo duty and helped out here and there by Stuart Warnants, who is a show organiser.  John B reported that they had a had a good day with lots of interest in the latest news and enquiries about joining the Friends of Broadway Station.

My thanks to Jim and John for the prompt reports.

A couple of" photo extras"


Anonymous said...

For the record Ian Crowder and I were also doing photos for a major article (in addition to this months) on the Share Offer we hope to see in Steam mag. We have both done interviews and Tony Streeter the journalist wants some illustrations to support what we have said.

Malcolm Temple

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Nice paintshop. Not sure it would pass the thermal insulation requiremnts applied to the Winchcombe model.


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why the pegging out for the signal box base appears to be at an angle when compared to the platform!


Bill said...

Optical illusion!

Anonymous said...

Who's mine or Johns


Bill said...


Anonymous said...

Bill, may I ask why Bert's comment was removed?

Bill said...

I am happy to have an open debate on any specific issue that affects our Railway, but I thought "Bert's" anonymous remarks were inflammatory.

richard said...

Great to see the Signal Box foundations pegged out and the anticipation of the foundations going in