Thursday 12 September 2013

A Run Out for Running In! Thursday 12th September 2013

Bob White and John Crawford kindly took a run out in the GWR truck to Malmesbury today  to collect our newly  fabricated running in board posts. Bob sent me these pics and report:-

Hi Bill

After JC and I picked up the GWSR lorry at Winchcombe, we had a run out to Malmesbury to collect the three new running in posts which have been made by Chris Evans at The Iron Works and  Gate Company to match the one kindly donated by Bryan Nicholls of Gotherington.  The four posts were then taken, via the scenic route, to Broadway.  These are now ready for painting and installation.  Getting the original one off the lorry was quite a challenge but they are now safely covered against the elements.  A couple of photos are enclosed. 



It looks like a great job!

A couple of important thank you's - firstly to the Birmingham Group who have very kindly funded the cost of manufacture (thank you Roger and all) - to Jo for sourcing the finials for the posts and lastly  and not least Chris Evans of the Iron Works and Gate Company who manufactured the posts at a special price!

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