Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday 19th August 2013 - CRC Platform 2

A team of nine were working on the "the wall" today including Pete from Building Services. Jo sent me the following report with his usual top class photos:-

Hi Bill,
9 people at CRC today, a very good attendance. There were 6 brick layers, and 3 muck makers.
Transporting bricks has been suspended as we need to get a better idea of where to stack them, based on how fast we are using them. At the moment we have quite a few on site now, possibly too close together.
The brick layers completed 3 rows, including one of corbelling, and also 3 rows on a new stretch of wall. The wall feels a lot lower than at Broadway, but that is because the track and ballast are already there. Behind the wall feels a lot roomier now. Most of the bricks have been used, while a stack and a half were moved further along.
With 6 brick layers at work, the muck team could barely keep up!
The first 10 yard stretch of wall is coming to an end. With a 2-300 yard platform, you can see for yourself that this is going to be a long job.
Back at Broadway on Wednesday – see you then.
Best regards,

Well done everybody!

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