Saturday 20 October 2012

Saturday 20th October 2012 - A Thoroughly Enjoyable Day!

There were 12 Volunteers on site today - the sun shone - and all was well with the world, as they say!  As I have said before Saturday is the day for catching up with ourselves, and hopefully giving some time to our many visitors who come along to see progress.

 One of the big draws on  Saturday is Marguerite's Shed and the opportunity to buy from the now extensive collection of railway books, pictures and other memorabilia.  Here Marguerite chats to Fred Lea our great railway artist. Fred stands no chance as Marguerite can sell the proverbial fridge to the Eskimos!

In the background is Graham Smith's Routemaster, which brought 3 loads of interested Broadway Tourists during the day.
 Graham even acts a tour guide for us. Here explaining current progress as  viewed from our viewing platform with John Blofield in support. Graham and his bus are good friends to us at Broadway and his free of charge bus rides are much appreciated.

On other fronts work continued with block laying on Platform 2. 64 blocks were laid today by Bob Jones and Bob White, with Jo and Jim labouring. Here Bob and Jim  ease a block in - they are heavy,

particularly when soaked with all the recent rain.
However the end result was very pleasing.  Only another 111 to go to finish the large blocks on platform 2. Well done all!

The lampposts on Platform 1B looked incongruous in their undercoat, so Roger and Mike set out to put this right. Much better I think!

Thanks go to all who were involved the other jobs that were done today, the cleaning of culverts, the cutting back of undergrowth in the car park and of  course the brick cleaning. Welcome to new recruit Dave today who tried his hand at bricking cleaning. I hope we haven't put him off!

Finally a belated happy birthday to my friend and  colleague Peter Hickox who's birthday it was last Wednesday.


steamartist said...

Hi Bill,
You really 'got me' there - just like being on Candid Camera!
I had just delivered some packs of Christmas Cards and large framed prints, so if anyone is interested, please see Marguerite at the shed any Saturday. Remember all profits will go to the Broadway Rebuilding Fund.
It's great to see your continuing progress on the Station - fantastic work lads!

Fred Lea.

Anonymous said...


Is there a timescale for when a planning application for the station buildings will be submitted? Sometime in 2013, 2014? Just wondering because I understand they can take quite a while to go through.


Bill said...

The important thing with planning approval is to start a dialogue with them as early as possible. Contrary to a lot of views they are there to help rather than hinder. They are there to make sure regulations are followed and that the end result is fit for purpose. We anticipate getting approval by mid 2013.