Thursday 12 July 2012

Wednesday 11th July 2012

The site was buzzing with activity today with 18 Volunteers enjoying an almost dry day.
Starting from the north and working south the brick refurbishment engineers were continuing with the Wisley Blues - the pile is gradually going down - hurrah I hear them cry!

In the morning it was necessary to take a close look at the B&B embankment. the volume of water contained in the embankment was beginning to seep over the old horse dock wall. It was decided to cut another drain into the centre track drain and thereby create another flow from behind the 1B wall. This proved pretty effective and seemed reduced the water pressure behind the wall.

In the afternoon Richard came along and the coping slab team equalled the record for the number laid in a day - 11 in total. We now are desperately short of sponsors to lay the last 5. Any offer!?

 As I've said before this is a precision job. When the white lines painted it will shout out any mistakes!

Further down the track work continues on the viewing platform. It become a labour of love for the volunteers working on it and I am sure its going to meet all H&S regulations.

In the background you can see the phone box 90 stripped of old paint. Jo (as ever behind the camera) is trying to get it glazed and weather proof before the Autumn. (Autumn We haven't had a Summer yet!)

Finally At the southern end of  2A Bob and Paul were quietly working away on some bricklaying on 2A.

Two lots of of Congratulations are in order:

 50 years of  the Strolling Bones and

 59 again years for Jo Roesen  Happy Birthday Jo from all your colleagues!


Anonymous said...

It has to be asked Bill, whatever has happened to the Worcester Collage students? You Chaps seem to have gone out of your way to ensure things were ready for them on Wednesdays (prepararing bricks etc. The result - Two appearences since Christmas and lots of reasons why they could not make it or a tactful glossing over the fact they did not turn uo when expected.
May I suggest if you wish to continue the excellent idea of Youth training committment that you get a serious positive committment from any college authority professing interest before you all put youeselves out again nest academic year.

Admiration and regards - John Oates

Bill said...

I have to say I was disappointed that there wasn't a better attendance this year. I am currently investigating the reasons why. These may be quite valid and maybe there is something we could have done better!
I won't give up on the principle though. I still remember being an apprentice myself and how valuable on the job training was.