Saturday 14 July 2012

Saturday 14th July 2012

Nearly half way through July - it dosen't seem possible, and the proper summer weather continues to elude us!
Nevertheless, 9 Volunteers turn out today to dodge the showers and have a productive day. As ever it was full of camaraderie and good humour.

The main tasks were to improve the drainage behind 1B  before putting the lamppost sockets and ducting in. Just an extraordinary amount of  surface water is coming off the higher land adjacent to the 1B embankment. Unprecedented I would say. However a cunning plan was conceived and I am happy that we have a sound solution whatever weather might come in the future.  A french drain was fashioned through the old horse dock wall into the new drains behind the platform wall.

An additional  pipe was sunk into the track bed to a soak-away adjacent to, what will be, the extended central drain. The next job is to get the remainder of 1B back-filled as soon as possible to stabalise and retain the embankment.

On other fronts  work continued on the viewing platform. Wire mesh has been stapled to all tread surfaces. Paving slabs have been placed at the gateway entrance. It is coming along nicely.

Work continued on the brick cleaning and the remainder of the off cuts from the tree surgery work were move into a location for a good bonfire.

Finally Jo Roesen made us green with envy as he rolled up in a superb Morgan V8, arranged as a weekend treat by his sons for his birthday. A permanent grin was entirely in order! Happy Birthday Jo!


Jo said...

That grin could be seen from space - what a car. Amazing character from ancient technology - leaf springs on the rear, and a Rover V8 born out of an American Buick. It loves the Cotswolds B roads. It didn't love the Broadway station drive - when I got home, I had to bolt the front bumper back on :)

Back on Wednesday.

Best regards,

John R said...

Progress on 2A has appeared very slow of late. Is this to do with a) the weather b) there's actually not much bricklaying left to do, or c) you can't really progress now until the box foundations are done. On the latter point, given you mentioned getting a quote recently, is this a fairly specialist bit of work that you will contract out.

It's great to see recent progress elsewhere at the site, despite the awful summer we're having.

Bill said...

We do have to get the Signal Box footings in before we can build the wall across the front of it. We are currently considering a Geotechnical Survey of the ground so that we get the correct specification for the piling contractor. All this is imminent so keep watching this space.