Wednesday 16 March 2011

Wednesday 16th March 2011 - The longest GWR Enthusiast Commute?

We were visited today by Jo Roesen,  a resident of Belgium who decided to call on us for the day. An avid Rail enthusiast of many years we exchanged information and anecdotes. I'm pretty sure that this qualifies for the longest volunteer commute. Jo (right in the picture working with Rod) had brought all his work gear and work permit.  He is considering joining us when he returns to the UK. I hope we did not put him off!

Spent a very pleasant day helping Gord  laying out the next length of platform 1. The completion of this section will allow 180ft of platform 1 to be topped off and back filled. It will look magnificent (not that I'm biased of course!) Finally and regrettably missed the Chairman on a whistle-stop visit. I was hoping to smoke a peace pipe with him!

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