Thursday 27 January 2011

Men from the Black Stuff - Wednesday 26th January 2011

Great support today - Rick from PW Gang came to help for the day (they sure know how to work these track chaps!) and Raymondo is back from his family holiday in Canada. We missed you Ray! Chris and David came today also and continued with the brick cleaning - a tedious  but vital task! 9 people in all working in a very convivial atmosphere - Brilliant!

The main activity was the loading and leveling of the platform infill with the old ballast, originally scraped of the trackbed many years ago. Steve B, who has got down to a fine art the turning of Dot on a sixpence, transported over 30 loads of ballast  behind the wall. The A-Team then levelled it out which is hard graft.

Men from the Black Stuff on a lunch break!

Ron B took time out from bricklaying to supervise the collection and delivery of some imperial red bricks from a demolished wall in Cheltenham. These will be used for a variety of tasks, depending on their condition. Anyone fancy some brick cleaning? Training will be provided at the Robin Elliott School of fine brick cleaning!
Photos curtesy of Peter H.

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