Wednesday 1 December 2010

Wednesday 1st December A Report from the Die Hards!

Hi Bill Just to keep you up to speed. I got to Broadway for 9.00 waited but no one else came so went to Winchcombe There was a fishplate to change but as only 3 people arrived , the job was left as is proved to be a major break resulting in a 1 inch gap in the rail. Took Rick,Dave and Andy ( all p way ) back to Broadway and met Andy P who was doing more wood cutting, lit a fire and kept warm all afternoon. Lovely day to be out working A satisfactory result on a cold day. STEVE

Well done All!


Unknown said...

Thanks for making us P-Way types welcome, and for allowing us to burn stuff.

Bill said...

Please come along as often as you can! Bill

Nigel Black GW Pway said...

In the light of the comment posted here I had to leave my nice warm office and look at this foot gap in the rail!

A fix will occur on Saturday so the EE soup course will not be spilt on Sunday.