Sunday 6 June 2010

More on the 175 Gala

Manned the Broadway Stand with Ron(da do Ron Ron) which we relocated into the Railwayana Auction Tent to try and woo the high rollers into parting with some cash. Pretty much failed I have to say - its amazing how someone will part with several hundred pounds for some old shed plate off a long gone engine, but "pass by on the other side" when comes to make a modest donation for a cause intent on bringing the railways back to life. Hey Ho!

On the plus side there were some impressive sites to be seen. Top of my list was an absolutely resplendent City of Truro pulling a full load out of the Station on its way to Winchombe - Magnificent!! This was closely followed by the beautifully restore 8f in LMS livery. What a credit to the Churchill 8F Group.

Last but not least if you would like to make a donation to the Broadway project this can be done through the "steamingtobroadway" EBay Account. For a £10 donation you will receive a top quality Steaming to Broadway Donation Mug. The profit from your donation will be split equally with the Alzheimer's Society, who are intent on finding a cure for this most cruel of diseases.

Thanks again for reading my blog.

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