Tuesday 1 June 2010

175 Gala Success

The start to the 175 Gala over the Bank Holiday Weekend was a great success from every perspective. Thousands of visitors had a wonderful Steam nostalgia experience and went away happy and content.

I spent day one on the Steaming to Broadway stand and had many interesting conversations with enthusiasts, keen to know when train services will reach Broadway. Thank you to all those who took time out to visit the Stand, and of course those who gave us donations. Thank you, thank you! The Gala continues through to the end of next weekend so please come and see us!

A footnote photo here of the superb auto train which made dozens of trips over the the Stanway(Toddington!) Viaduct. I could not help but contemplate when the destination board on the carriage will be a reality - I hope then I will be on board!

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