Saturday 13 March 2010

A Sign of the Times - Circa 1945

The sign was finally erected with an extra pair of hands from Dave B - PDG I think! Peter H in action with the paint brush! The sign was made to the traditional GWR format or as near as we could make it! Advice on fonts and design came from GWR Didcot. Although a bit of an academic(enjoyable also!) exercise for Peter and I the sign has the practical use of letting everyone know the GWR are working on the Broadway Site and intent on getting the station operational!


Toddingtonted said...

Very nice! I do hope all goes well in your search for bricks etc for the station. It will be wonderful to see trains to Broadway again.

Unknown said...

I'd be more impressed if Didcot was spelt correctly.

Bill said...

Sorted - slip of the key!