Sunday 17 January 2010

Plumbing and Things!

A wet and windy day on site. As ever there is always something which needs fixing! Today it was frost damaged plumbing and making plans to repair the security light smashed by the vandal(s).

This was followed by an enjoyable walk along the trackbed and a visit to the Goods Shed. The Goods shed is quite a little museum containing many articles and photos of GWR interest. On the track bed rests a restored coal wagon and a wonderful example of a Scammel 3 wheel lorry and articulated trailer. The Goods Shed is under the tenure of the adjacent Broadway Caravan Club and therefore not open to the public. They do a wonderful job on keeping the Good Shed in pristine order(it is used as a toilet/ shower facility) and it is a credit to them.

Lastly son J sent me a surprise present of a smart hard hat. The only one I've tried that is comfortable!

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