Wednesday 25 November 2009

This and That!

A new plan has been issued for the Broadway site, with a 10 Coach Platform and slightly enlarged Station Buildings. The picture herewith is not too clear. I will try and get a clearer one! The alternative is to call in by and have a look - we are there most Saturdays. It's certain that this plan will go through many iterations before work starts, but it is a step forward.

The theft of the copper cable resulted in the main gate being damaged. Dave B and myself set about repairing/improving the lock. A small job but satisfying nevertheless!. This is the joy of being a volunteer - it doesn't have to be loco restoration or bridge repair - just something that moves things along!

And a slight digression:

If you haven't explored the aerial landscape with Google Earth, its time you did! Here is the GWR Line approaching Broadway from the South, with a few of my pictures added. It is quite simple to set up on your computer and opens up a whole new world, well beyond your back door!

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