Sunday 15 November 2009

And there it was GONE!

Have spent the last two weeks doing a cutting back job on the banks of the trackbed. This gets the circulation going and makes the place look cared for, although its a bit of fight with mother nature! It really needs the JCB to scrape away the roots and also perhaps reveal some treasure in terms of bricks, blocks and slabs. Joined by Robin and Keith today - the weather was foul! Keith has expressed an interest in the site topography and the ongoing clearing of the drains - good man!

The biggest disappointment, however was the theft of the scrapped electric cable from behind the Container. The gate was lifted off its hinges and the ubiquitous white van drove in and had it away. A plague on them! We had some work to do in terms of stripping the cable but it would have realised £200 for our empty coffers.

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