Thursday 16 April 2015

Dante's inferno

An interesting day today, as we went to collect the reproduction GWR crowd barrier posts we have had made, using a clean example kindly lent to us by the SVR.

The visit to the foundry was an eye opener, and we were allowed to take some pictures:

The foundry we are using is the Swan Foundry at Banbury, a family business that has been going for a number of generations. They have an environmentally friendly electric oven that can melt 2 tons of iron in 40 minutes.

We saw that they readily cast lamp posts for corporations, and are currently working on items for the repair to parts of a pier in Brighton.

We were not surprised to find among this stock of recently cast items a number of GWR 'shirt button' type seat ends.
Can Swan Foundry do anything else for us? Well, they could make us reproduction GWR platform lamp posts. These are very expensive second hand, and even more expensive from a specialist retailer. We are currently reflecting on a way to make use of their more affordable offer in a way that won't cost the railway any money. Watch this space if you are interested !

Nearly forgot what we came for ! Here are our new posts, together with the original. The circular base plates that fit underneath are on order with a local fabricator. Top right are bits of Brighton pier.


mack said...

Absolutly fantastic! They look supurb...

This would look epic hanging from the ceiling. ..

Anonymous said...

gosh, those posts are so beautiful it seems a shame to paint them. thanks for some more fascinating insights as to the lengths you are going to to make Broadway station a wonderful experience.

Unknown said...

Might be time to organize a scavenge for rail and any other goodies that might be available -

Anonymous said...

Had a word with my dogs, and they are quite happy for me to sponsor a lamp post, if thats the suggestion. LOL

Barry M

Jo said...

Thank you Barry, that is indeed what I was considering.
I need to talk it through, and it mustn't cost the railway anything.
I've written your name down :-)