Thursday 19 March 2015


It's nice to see the Blog followers growing in numbers - Its a while since we topped 40,000.

By coincidence that's the number by which our budget was reduced this year to accommodate other urgent investments on the Railway. Somehow we need to make up this shortfall, if we are to keep on track with our project and see steam back in Broadway by 2018. I know that many of the loyal followers have already shown their enthusiasm for the project by making donations or buying shares, and its difficult to call on the same generous people again for help. But please help us if you can - help us put a £ sign in front of the last 30 days statistic. 


Anonymous said...

Will gladly make a donation - but not via this site as there is no Gift Aid facility available.

Bill said...

I have put a link at the top of the blog for those who wish to claim gift aid.