Saturday 7 February 2015

Saturday 7th February 2015 - Still too cold for Bricklaying :(

It was a good day, despite being cold and overcast, There were 16 of us on site. The main jobs for the day were to continue with the clearance of the banks through the northern cutting and to continue with the footbridge span enclosure.

Here you can see the industrious lot bringing the cut trees and brush down to the bonfire. You can also see the bonfire in the distance where work has started in the opposite direction. I'm pretty sure we're more than half way now!

Here John S is on chainsaw duty. It needs 3 or 4 people to keep up with the chainsaw - dragging the cut trees down the bank, cutting them up and feeding the fire.

Here Clive and Peter K on bonfire duty. It was nice to see Peter back - he has been away for an op on his ankle. Welding is Peter's forte and he fixed a bolt on the office door before continuing with the bonfires.

On Platform 2 steady progress was being made on cladding the enclosure with reinforced plastic. Jim was cracking the whip today, ensuring his "baby" is well protected.
It's not easy with the camera to get the feel of the size of this structure - here Brian is on roof duty and you can see the relative proportions.

I think it was Graham's birthday today and he tried to kid us that the M&S Christmas cake was daisy fresh. In reality it wasn't half bad! 

And finally, who says Volunteering is all work and no play.
We had a visit at lunchtime today from Lucy , doing an item for Winchcombe Radio on the  progress at Broadway.
I think Ian Crowder is going have to stop carrying his Michael Kors handbag around - he's giving us volunteers a bad name.....


Anonymous said...

just reading on another site that
"Victorian Bridge" at Chippenham to be replaced. No mention made if any
of it is being saved

Anonymous said...

I can confirm the cake was a raffle prize we wouldn't eat home, so my good wife sent it down for the team. Graham

Toddington Ted said...

We like Lucy!

Anonymous said...

You've BAGged a nice one there lads!! ;)

Anonymous said...

When can we hear "The Interview"?