Tuesday 13 January 2015

Tuesday 13th January 2015 - Up in the "Gods"

Cotswold Scaffolding  lifted the Signal Box scaffolding to its final height today. What a day to choose!

Wind and rain made it a pretty unpleasant task - not least for our man, JC who drew the short straw to supervise the lift.

However the job was completed by lunchtime and this allows us to complete the rear wall, the windows and, of course, the roof. Cheers John, I hope you've thawed/dried out by now!


Noel Chiappa said...

It will be completely incredible to see the walls finished and the roof on! I can only imagine what it will feel like when the station itself starts to rise!!


Anonymous said...

yes, indeed.

looking good. can't wait to pay a few quid to go inside and pull the lever and operate the bracket signal- will be a good way to raise funds...

Steve Leamington