Wednesday 8 October 2014

Wednesday 8th October 2014

The weather forecasters didn't quite get it right today - a fair old storm blew through at lunchtime and gave everyone a soaking, but otherwise it was a bright day. There were 27 Volunteers on site -  a great turnout!

There were 3 main activities on the go.  Firstly block laying continued on Platform 2C.
Here is Roger B's detailed report on the days activities:-

Another block in the wall....
The Weather Man got it wrong !.

Apart from a Deluge at Lunch Time we had glorious weather for Block Laying.

The Team Terry, Keith, Tony, Clive and yours truly managed to lay 160 metric blocks on Platform 2c today.
The first course of Blocks is complete and over half of the 2nd course is also finished.
We should now be in a position to commence Brick Laying next Wednesday.

Paul  worked tirelessly on producing the "muck"..

Finally a big thank's to our Senior Muck Man, Paul Carter who provided us with excellent quality mortar all day and also entertained us with his prolific banter!, Regards Roger 

Jim weighs up the alignment of the sleepers

The next big event at Broadway will be the arrival of the centre span of the footbridge. This is to be temporarily placed on platform 2B for refurbishment. The Span is 40 feet in length and weighs something over 8 tonnes.Jim H is masterminding the project has been busy setting up sleepers to rest it on and a  massive shelter for ongoing work.

Tried cutting a sleeper in half? they're surprising tough...

Jim also took time out today to inform the neighbours of the potential for  disruption as a result of the heavy duty transport required to bring  the span in. The disruption should be minimal and of short duration - please bear with us.

What  a great effort going on here......

On the north west embankment  9 volunteers continued to cut back the vegetation on the embankment. Of course its a glorious excuse for a bonfire, should we need one!

A variety of other tasks happened today, small in themselves but vital to the overall project progress.

I chaired a meeting of our Site Health and Safety Committee and  a signal box construction review meeting. Work will continue at a pace on the Signal Box next Wednesday.


HowardGWR said...

Clearly there will never be trouble on the GWSR with 'leaves on the line'. Ian Walmsley of Modern Railways will be proud of you all as he says NR just needs a bunch of people with chain saws.

Anonymous said...

Is there a problem with the signal box floor as it seems visible progress from the camera has stopped.

Anonymous said...

Last sentence says that work will continue on Wednesday. Aaron

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken, this time last year the monthly viewing fugures were around 35/36 thousand. Now they are 41. Is my memory correct? If so this is a testament to how darn good this blog is.


Bill said...

Cheers! I do my best to keep it up to the minute and interesting. This is helped tremendously by Jo and his camera work. Onwards to 45000!

Billy Morris said...

Sat on the train yesterday going from Salisbury to Bristol and passed through Bradford upon Avon, they have a very nice footbridge which doesn't look dissimilar to yours as it is (was) a GWR station.