Wednesday 22 October 2014

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Well October seems to have raced by, but we were blessed with another gorgeous day for working. There were 18 volunteers on site, ,enjoying the Autumn sunshine.

At last work has restarted on the Signal Box. JC John S and Peter Q set to at installing the floor joist trimmers. The preparation for this has taken  some time to  achieve. Peter K did an excellent job on fabricating 8 trimmer support brackets, which were finished off and painted by John S. They did the job nicely, and when the job was completed,  adjustable props were used to level the joists. This will allow the remaining joists to be hung next time. I will have some photos for you on Saturday.

At the northern end of the site, work continued at bricklaying on Platform 2C. Here is Roger B's report:-

Hi Bill

Today's progress  report.
A temporary repair to the platform slabs that were damaged during the (delivery of the footbridge span) on platform 1 was completed.
Completion of the pointing of Platform slabs on 1c slope that were laid last week.

Don't breathe...
Rod tells me what he'll do with the post hole bar
if I change my mind again on the height of the slabs...

Rod, Terry and Steve removed and relaid 15 vertical retaining slabs at the back of Platform 1c.
A great team effort and result by the team.
Peter H and Mike T completed the backup brick laying on the first course of Platform 2c.

Clive and I constructed further piers on Platform 2c which will allow blue bricklaying to commence next week.

Clive also laid a second course of Blues between piers.
Overall a good days work on all fronts.



Work continued terminating the comms. system in the Phone Box and the Office. A mains cable was also laid from the Platform 1A Electrical cabinet to the phone box. Ron T and new starter (at Broadway) Ray H  carried out all of the digging, whilst Jim H carried out the finishing off of the termination.  More pics on Saturday.

The fire starters had a very decent bonfire going - very autumnal!

More to come on Saturday!


Buccaneer said...

Is the 'brickwork' visible behind the vertical retaining slabs on platform 1C part of the Horse Dock?

Bill said...

well spotted....

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill, do you have a planned order toward Broadway? At the moment we can see the platforms as priority along with the signal box, once complete is it then onto say the footbridge and buildings on p2 then finish with the main building? Cherrs Gavin

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I cannot put a comment in the 'Bridges to Broadway'box about the bridges. Excellent progress! The photo of Gotherington skew bridge, the height restriction warning sign is at the wrong angle and does not face on coming traffic. It faces to the opposite way. It needs a bracket. Your thoughts? Aaron

Anonymous said...

I was at the cinema earlier and saw a trailer for a movie called "Nativity 3" the station and viaduct looks very familiar... Is it at Toddington? It appears at about 1.30 in the nationwide trailer...

Toddington Ted said...

Yes it is Toddington/Stanway Viaduct. However, what "Nativity 3" is, or purports to be I have absolutely no idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that the GWSR, well a little part of it anyway... Is being shown nationwide in trailers and the movie! I will be just to see GWSR!

Jo said...

Why can't you post a comment on the bridges? Is it your setup, or something with the blog?
It struck me that I used to get comments, but haven't had any for quite a few postings now.

Don't know about the warning sign; the news feed came from our structures engineer. I shall enquire.
Best regards,

Noel said...

Re: posting to the 'Bridges' blog: I think one has to have an account on one of a list of sites (I was only able to post because I have a LiveJournal account), whereas here one can post anonymously.

As to the lack of comments: your reports have enough depth that I don't really have much to ask - and saying 'Well done' gets repetitive at a certain point! :-)


Jo said...

The Gotherington bridge warning signs are placed by Gloucestershire County Council, not us.

Jo said...

I have enabled 'Anonymous' comments on the bridges blog (much as I dislike comments without a name) Please say who you are :-)