Tuesday 21 October 2014

The end of the Broadway era as recorded by Brian Parsons in his Spotters Notebook.

As promised I've attached a copy of the page, in my train spotting notebook, which covers the day I took the photo of 3847 in November 1963(*). Also, you will see that two weeks later on Sunday 1st December I saw ex Midland 48088 'on a train clearing scrap from Broadway station'. I've no memory of that day but I guess the line was closed to other traffic whilst they loaded the demolition debris.

Just for fun I've attached my sound clip of 6918 Sandon Hall which I recorded at the Broadway station site in 1965. I was using an early portable, reel to reel, tape recorder which accounts for the very poor quality by today's standards. According to the notes I made at the time it was hauling ten coaches of the 10.05 Wolverhampton to Kingswear express.  


Anonymous said...

The quality of the sound clip is totally immaterial! - this evocative sound from the past of a train passing through the original Broadway station, with all the imagery it conjures up is absolutely amazing !! it brings more to the imagination than any photograph ever could.

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Amazing sound clip. The sound quality adds to the authenticity of it.

What a find!!

Thank you.

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On 20th October 2014 Class 73 E6036 went to Cheltenham Race Course station with a Toad brake to collect a number of wagons from the Hunting Butts headshunt.
This represents one of the first moves towards laying the extension to Broadway