Wednesday 17 September 2014

Wednesday 17th September 2014 - Such a Productive Day!

Well that was an enjoyable morning! There were 19 volunteers on site and a bright, dry day encouraged everyone in their endeavours.

Work continued on the building of Platform 2C. The first course of blocks were laid and the rebars inserted in the rear blocks, ready for the second course. Here Steve  is  drilling the rebar holes ready to be resined into place,

The second course soon followed and in total 46 blocks were laid.  In the foreground here you can seen the 100 mm blocks which will be laid as courses 3 and 4, to bring it up to the blue brick laying height. It was a great job.

No lesser job was being carried out over on Platform 1C. The embankment behind 1C was being cleared of rubbish and graded to allow grass seed to be planted in the near future. The line of the rear vertical slabs was also being marked out.

As I have mentioned before, BAG colleague Jim Hitchen is masterminding the HIA Footbridge refurbishment at Wishaw. The plan is to start bringing the footbridge sections down to Broadway to be worked on locally. In order to  do a "proper job", Jim and Peter Q have designed a waterproof/ sandblast proof shelter, to accommodate each section as it is being refurbished.  Today was the day for starting the fabrication of the shelter.

 Step 1 Planning - Who put those Pipes There?

Step 2 - Is this Project going to Fly?

Step 3 - Keep in Step

More of this important work as it progresses - who knows we might get a mini Blog going on it!

I took advantage of the George Law plant still being at our end  of the site to move some  surplus ballast up to the site of the platforms. 12 tonnes was deposited  by Platform 2C for us to use as we require it.

Jam anyone!

Great business was being done at Marguerite's Shed today. Julie Stevens and Doreen broke their personal best record today with an end of day tally of £182. Brilliant.

And finally we had a visit from a  local Muntjac Deer.A great photo Jo, welcome back...



Anonymous said...

It's about the footings. How were the original platform walls done? Obviously the ones you are doing would be far superior. Just curious. I know the southern end of the platforms was initially wooden.

And. We see all the fabulous work you are doing 'above ground' so to speak, but I can't imagine how much organisational effort is put in to make each volunteer day run so productively as they do.

You are all amazing.


Bill said...

They were very similar to those that we are building - the corbelling is slightly different. However many of the bricks in our wall came from the old walls that were buried in the embankments. Please visit my website at to see pictures of the old platforms.

Anonymous said...

I think a blog for the footbridge might be a bridge too far! There's already plenty, better publicised here! :-)

Dave said...

will the foundations for the station, waiting room, footbridge, need piling as for the signal box?

Anonymous said...

Excellent progress!! Very good work! When will the station buildings works start?


Peter said...

Looking forward to seeing the station on Midlands Today!

Unknown said...

A good presentation of our efforts with getting to Broadway.

Well done Jo & Mike, John B & Alan B


Bill said...

A couple of answers to questions posed above:-
The two other buildings will not require piled foundations.
The work will start on the station in the spring of 2015

Toddington Ted said...

The work on the Station will start on Monday if I win the lottery tonight! Well done, as ever to the Broadway Team in pushing on with the rebuild of Broadway Station. Together with the "Bridges" Blog and the "CRC Platform 2" Blog, it's an exciting time for the GWSR.