Saturday 29 March 2014

Saturday 29th March 2014 - A Bright Sunny Day!

17 Volunteers on site today and many visitors too!

One of the main objectives of the day was the setting out by Gord of the front of wall alignment for Platform 1C. Here we see the temporary blocks on the alignment marks so that we can visualise the line of the wall. Work will start in earnest on Wednesday.

Back on Platform 2B some heavy work was going on, placing the vertical paving slabs behind the wall. Every aspect of this job from lifting the slabs, placing the slabs and barrowing the concrete to set them in, is hard work! The sunshine didn't help in this case, but generally lifted everyone's spirits today.
Tony, Steve and Peter Q

Time for a well earned break for the morning crew. They were joined by Jo and Jim in the afternoon.

Jim and Gord
At the southern end by Platform 2A some final adjustments were made to the sleeper and rail gauge.

The bracket signal footing is going to be installed on Wednesday 16th April 2014. Thanks to everyone for the donations - the final push is on!

On the opposite side Johns Simms continued with the extension to the slope for the barrow crossing. One more course to go!

We are starting to landscape and generally tidy up the eastern boundary on the approach drive.
This is an ongoing task over the next few months and hopefully will improve the overall appearance of the driveway. Here Dave Bowie and I tackle some wayward branches.

A sunny day and the signal box basks in the sun. 


John Gilbert (FOBS) said...

Splendid progress and congrats. to you all!! One query though, (wouldn't there be!!) Looking at the rails positioned beside the future site for the signal, I am struck by how high they are in relation to the platform. Now it has always seemed to me that in the UK as a whole there is always too great a step down from a carriage to the platform. Is this not an opportunity for the rail level at Broadway to be lower and thus permit easier stepping from carriage to platform? And now would be the time to arrange this.

Bill said...

I'm afraid the rail height from the top surface of the platform is governed by regulations which cannot be compromised.