Wednesday 26 March 2014

Wednesday 26th March 2014 - Broadway

There were 14 Volunteers on site today - it was a cold wind that was blowing from the east, encouraging everyone to keep on the move!

The Fairview Lorry with Richard on board, came mid morning to put the final slabs on Platform 2B.
This is something of an aerial shot, taken from the security camera.

By the end of the session the job was done and Roger B was able to start pointing up. A justified smile on Roger's face, having been involved with the laying of all of the 160+ slabs on the  Platform 2 wall!

At the southern end of the site the Signal Box was getting a  couple of more courses of blues, which has now brought the base up to platform height. I've tried to get a good perspective in this photo of the height of the wall in relation to the platform behind it.

JC (aka Larry...)

 Bob W and John C worked tirelessly on it all day.

At the southern ramp ends Clive is  nearing completion of the ramp extensions for the Barrow Crossing. I wondered where all the wheelbarrows went - I think I know now!

Richard brought down 6 slabs to go on either side - a job for another day.

Moving back up the site Peter H and Tony B installed the water pipe behind 2B. This will be used for general services on the trains - cleaning and such like. Sorry about the dim photos - the weather was doing some funny things today!

We are having an additional office container next week, to be used as a project office. The preparations involved moving a lot of stuff around between the existing containers. Here Chris and David put a few more hooks in on the wall.

It was a busy day all round - we welcomed a new starter, Bill Venton - Only the 2nd William on site in 5 years!

Finally Julie in the Shed set a Wednesday record for takings - Here she looks fairly  pleased at the end of a long day.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard today - at Broadway and Avonmouth. My photography at Broadway  didn't capture all of the work going on - I will do better next time!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant work and an amazing achievement.
Oxford-Bicester is being rebuilt so more building materials (bricks, slabs, bridges and track )available. Rob Mole is in charge of project at Network Rail. Winslow too

Anonymous said...

Boy have I missed some work whilst I have been away! Well done to everyone, a brilliant effort all round (as usual!)

I have been following the blog whilst away. I hope there is something for me to do when I come next Wednesday!