Monday 2 December 2013

Monday 2nd December 2013 and a very Satisfactory Day at Cheltenham

Cheltenham  CRC2 is really coming along nicely and there was a great turnout today, including the Gloucester Students.

Here is Jo's report:-

A good attendance of 12 people and a near record day of brick laying ! The weather was perfect, and we were backed up by 3 lads from Gloucester college plus a tutor.


Yours truly was kept so busy making mortar that he failed to notice exactly how many bricks were laid, or brought down from the embankment. The demand for mortar from the far end of the site was relentless, and three of us spent all day shuttling up and down with barrows laden to creaking point. At the end of the day, the most telling statistic was that we had used up 8 bags of cement, almost half the supply Fairview
brought only last week. That equates to 16 barrows of mortar. A lot of this was used to back up and to lay blocks. This was the task of the day for the Gloucester lads, who laid a 10 yard section with blocks, a total of 90 in all, including all the works to level the undulating foundations underneath. This itself swallowed two barrows of concrete mix. You can see the intensity of the mixing activity by the line of barrows waiting to be filled.


The brick layers had two laying blues in front, and three behind backing up. In addition, Brian and Keith spent the whole day moving new blues down from the top of the embankment, and stacking them along the line. They got down 4 pallets of blues between them, and the numbers remaining on top are getting fewer and fewer.


At the end of the day, we were tired but satisfied with our achievements.

 Well done everybody!


Anonymous said...

Winter arrives on Friday, so get brick-laying whilst its still mild!

Keep it up, lads

Anonymous said...

Looks as if someone has been reading the Daily Depresser again stick to the BBC it looks more promising