Wednesday 4 December 2013

Wednesday 4th December 2013 - All Systems Go!

An action packed day on site with 19 volunteers keeping noses to the grindstone as the saying goes!

Roger ignores cries of "sissy"

Bricklaying was taking place in almost palatial luxury under the newly constructed shelter. The shelter is going to be of huge benefit during the winter months and the 2 Peters have done a great construction job. It will provide many secondary functions such a paint spraying booth etc. The bricklayers spent most of the day laying the backing bricks to current section of 2B. Great progress was made.

Further northward the brick cleaners were out in force - nice to see Ron Dobson back in action.

Bridge posts heading northwards....

Staying with the northern location Steve Warren in the JCB was with us today, clearing the ground beyond the end of 1B and re grading the embankment  northwards.
A high level shot of Ron D in the foreground
and  Jim and myself  talking to Steve in the background

Jim, Gord, Brian and Steve in action.....
Having completed this task in the morning Steve moved  down to the signal box slab to move the piles of soil excavated from the footings.

This was the finishing touch to a morning of hard graft removing the shuttering from the slab. In addition, the service ducting was completed and the trench filled in. You will see the finished article elsewhere on the Blog!

Going up.......
On Platform 1A we had the generous free use of a cherry picker to continue with the wiring of the lampposts. Peter the owner of the CP helped John Crawford all morning and frankly we couldn't have completed the job safely without it. The end result was brilliant!

John explains to yours truly how
 fast we can run out of cable!

Further afield Terry and Rod were continuing the ditch cleaning exercise. This is back breaking work, and I noticed they got a bonfire on the go to dispose of all the debris. I will get some photos of the progress on Saturday.

 In the afternoon Steve and the JCB went down to the car park to turn the Mythe spoil over in order to reveal more bricks. The collection is a job for another day!

At the morning tea break I  had the chance to give the assembled team a briefing on the BAG Committee Meeting on Monday. It was a useful sessions and by know means as serious as the look on my face implies!

As ever, thanks to all the volunteers who came today and of course the visitors who came to offer words of encouragement!

PS Blogger is trying to thwart my efforts to get today's reports out quickly - sorry if the pictures look a bit haphazard!


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