Wednesday 18 September 2013

Wednesday 18th September 2013 - Back on Track!

It is my wedding anniversary today and I'm on celebration duty! So apart from a  Railway meeting or two, I have not been able to attend on my regular stint. However Jo is back from holiday and in camera action and has sent me this report from the Wednesday Gang.

Back on track and smiling faces to prove it! Brilliant!
Hi Bill,

We missed you ! It was a good day, high spirits (and jinks) have returned and there were 19 people on site. Also a new volunteer on a preliminary inspection – he will start next time.

Jobs done today:

John C and Steve B put most of another layer behind platform 2 with the hired 3 tonner and our little dumper. There are 6 loads still required to finish this level. Rod then rolled what was laid and levelled.
The brick layers spent quite a bit of time setting out the first course of 2B, and then laid a first course of blue stretchers up to the half way mark, about 23m. Roger J laid the last ten 4 inch blocks, to complete this course.

Brick cleaning went on all day, with a team of 3, now on Mythe bricks.

After Richard had brought a load of pea gravel and the drilled pipes, another team set out to lay the gravel and pipes behind 2B. This included the step up to the higher foundation level, achieved with two knee joints. All the pipes are now in, and covered in pea gravel. They look very professional, I must say, and we were well pleased with the result.

Jim H spent a lot of time giving the new running in board posts a second coat of bitumen, and a coat of grey above ground level.
We then test fitted the three new finials, and I spent some time grinding down the inserts, as the holes in the top of the new posts seemed to have shrunk a little. They all fit now. I will order 4 SS bolts to hold the board on. I am very pleased with the posts, they look just right, and the fabricator remembered to make two to fit one size board, and one a little smaller to match the Gotherington one. This is great. I think we are ready to dig them in next week, and put a top coat on when they are up.

Julia was well installed in the shop, and had several customers. I recorded a transaction with a gentleman who declared his intention to buy shares ! Not knowing Julia very well, I was flabberghasted when the Fairview lorry turned up, Richard got out and, walked up to her, and gave her a big kiss ! Just like that ! It turns out they are cousins, what a tight knit community this is.

Back on Saturday !

Best regards,


Thanks Jo.

To all the BAG team and all the Broadway Supporters -  I can't wait to get back on the tiller next Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Whoever sourced all of those bricks deserves a medal.

Bolivia Jim

John F said...

Who ever cleans them deserves a bigger one !

Anonymous said...

Agreed (but you can't clean 'em unless you've got 'em)

Bolivia Jim