Monday 16 September 2013

Monday16th September - Cheltenham Racecourse Platform 2

Jo's back from his hols. and went to Cheltenham to help out today, together with 3 other BAG members and Pete D from Building Services. Here is Jo's report:-

A very breezy day today, which resulted in an unrelenting hail of pine cones and bits of tree down on the volunteers on site. (see picture No. 3, with Tony warily observing what might rain upon us)
John and Tony

There were 5 of us today:
Bob W
John C
Tony B
Myself and
Peter D for a half day.

Bob and Tony
In the dry conditions we made good progress, putting three courses on the second stretch, and the first three courses on the beginning of the third. 

From Platform 1

These stretches are 9m long (completed) 5m (half way up) and 8m long (first three courses now laid). Just a little bit less to walk now, although a badly designed wheelbarrow full of mortar is a heavy thing to propel 250m along the foundations. And it doesn’t last long !

Pete - when I nod my head you hit it......

All in all, we laid 425 bricks. We were happy with that, and left in good spirits and contented.

Best regards,


Welcome back Jo - you've been missed!

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Alex said...

I take it from the "back on track" that whatever problem arose has been settled, if so, good news, you're doing a splendid job, can't wait to see the signal box take shape soon hopefully either!