Tuesday 24 September 2013

Monday 23rd September CRC2

Jo's telephone and broadband connection took a lorry strike yesterday so there are no pictures yet. I will post them when I receive them.

In the meantime John Crawford kindly emailed me with the following report:-

Four Broadway stalwarts led the attack on more bricklaying at Cheltenham assisted by Jo’s Dutch friend Cees and new CRC2 assistant John O,   A further 3 courses of brickwork both blue and red were added to section 2 of the new platform wall, bringing it up to the first corbel course, while section 3 was raised by two courses of blue bricks and then had the solid concrete blocks laid for its entire length.  Peter Q got some trowel practice in by filling all the joints in the blockwork and Bob W and John C laid the bricks.  New member  John O cleaned a large number of mud splattered blue bricks and kept the brickies going with mortar but also helped tidy up the remaining scattered bricks and moved us a little nearer to Winchcombe . Jo and Cees manned the mixer  and kept everything ticking over down by the signal box.
We also received an enquiry from Brian Moore who is looking at joining the CRC2 gang.

   Cheers John

A couple of photos kindly sent in by  Laurence  Everett:


Anonymous said...

Is that Brian Moore the ex England Hooker?

Anonymous said...

If it were the "Pit bull" there wouldn't be any more (no pun intended) communication problems..........