Wednesday 25 September 2013

Wednesday 25th September 2013

It was a warm sunny day for the end of September and  I enjoyed the company of 19 volunteers who were working like Trojans on a variety of tasks.

Our focus is continuing the platform 2 build. We had a 3t excavator for the day, the main purpose of which was to scrape further ballast to back fill both Platform 2 and 2B. Here we see the view northwards of 2B now filled and levelled. Red bricks are being stacked in behind, ready for construction of the wall.

While this was going on Roger B and Bob W kept the brick laying going, laying both the blues to the front and reds at the back.

At the end of the day Bob shed a tear knowing there are
another 5000 blues to go on 2B!

A big push was made to install the posts for the north bound running in board on platform 2A. The Bridges to Broadway share issue launch is taking place at Broadway next Monday(30th September) and we wanted to include the running in board as a back-drop to any press photos taken.

Here we see the posts in place with a distance piece holding them square until the concrete has set. I think they look splendid - one genuine post from Gotherington and a replica made to an exact match. The board will go up on Saturday. Thanks again to the Birmingham Area Group for their sponsorship of the posts.

The cherry on the cake was to get two further lampposts in situ on Platform 2, north of the signal box position.

The lampposts retrieved from the northern end - delicate work for JC and the excavator. They were then trundled down to platform 2 for installation.

Here the blue cable pull ropes are carefully inserted. It really was a brilliant job. Here the working party includes Kees van der Vegt , Jo's railway colleague from Holland (an experienced volunteer on a Dutch Heritage Railway). Such a pleasant chap and  he worked hard on our behalf  all day.

Here the view south at the end of the day - with new lampposts in the foreground, ready for painting. A great shot Jim!

My thanks to the brick cleaners today, Ron Dobson and Chris and David Helm back from France. Also to Vic who worked tirelessly clearing the embankment by the B&B and sowing  grass seed to keep the surface stable and tidy.

Needless to say I enjoyed my morning, contributed to in the main by the many smiling faces on site.


Anonymous said...

where did you source the lamp posts??
..also, being out here in the Great White North i hope your volunteers will not take offence if i emphasise the shot of the lamp post installation is a classic "Men at work" depiction,it should go viral!!
at least SWMBO says so. Well done all

Anonymous said...

You will soon have a very nice bunch of photos, enough to make a calendar.

Bolivia JIm