Wednesday 7 August 2013

The Bricks Arrive from the Mythe Embankment

I have to say I was looking forward with  some trepidation to the  Mythe delivery, concerned as to how this volume of  bricks was going to be (temporarily) accommodated en masse at Broadway, and in what condition they would arrive, having been unceremoniously demolished by  a 20 tonne 360 excavator! This is the story so far:-

We took delivery of 18 loads of bricks and spoil during the day. each load was approximately 22 tons so we now have  approaching 400 tons in the car park, with perhaps the same amount to be delivered next Wednesday!

The deliveries contained a variety of blue and red bricks(some whole but many not), Cotswold stone and general brick fines. It really is a mixture of different platform building  material treasure. Some of the lads had the expectation of tons of neat whole bricks being deposited in the car park - not so I'm afraid, as ever we will have to work at it.

Some of the spoil was transported up to the brick cleaning area using the Thwaites  6 tonne Dumper. We also cherry picked some blues and reds to be taken up in the small dumper. None of this could happen without the good offices of Steve Warren and the JCB who worked tirelessly at re distributing and banking up the spoil.

The brick cleaning gang  carried out some test cleaning on the bricks - not the easiest apparently!

However there is invariably a silver lining on these jobs and this came in the form of two beautiful (yes beautiful!) bridge capping stones.

I'm not sure what the GWR can do with them, but they are a great  tribute to the stone masons skill and a part of the Tewkesbury- Malvern line that will be preserved for posterity.

A huge thank you to Costains and Smiths transport for their cooperation in  this exercise.

The story continues next week.


Toddington Ted said...

Those bridge capping stones are pure works of art; well done for saving them. I'm sure you will get some really good bricks amongst the waste material as your photos already seem to show.

Anonymous said...

Will reclaimed bricks be used for the station buildings if there are some left over after the platforms are completed, or will they just be used for the platforms?


Bill said...

They are only suitable for building platforms I'm afraid.